Comcast Xfinity may lose Starz

Comcast Xfinity users subscribed to Starz may lose it forever following the upcoming contract end this December. In a statement by Starz, they announced they are in the process of reaching an agreement with cable network monolith Comcast to continue providing access to its 17 channels. We continue to try to reach an agreement with Comcast that is fair, reasonable and ensures our shared customers’ continued access to a lineup of premium television content that speaks to them. Earlier this year, Lionsgate vice chairman Michael Burns, lamented about how Starz was a misunderstood but complementary asset to the company's portfolio. But, speculations arose and investors reacted when Burns was quoted saying: Does that mean that it could get nasty and you go to war? Yeah, it could. We’ve done that before and everybody’s done that before, I’m not sure anyone benefits from that, but sometimes it’s necessary. Now, jump ahead to October and Starz is warning its Comcast subscribers to either be vocal or demand a refund. urge our customers to make it known to Comcast that...

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