Write for us

MovieBolt.com is always seeking talented writers looking to get into the industry. The position is volunteer, but flexible. You can, naturally, do this position anywhere you’d like, be it at home or on the road (as long as you’re NOT driving). Please fill out the document below after reading the requirements.

Writers must have an excellent grasp of the English language. Just being a film fan doesn’t qualify you for writing positions.

Writers must be willing to use Discord to communicate, the founder will attempt to be there to answer any Discord-related questions.

Writers must be able to write a minimum of one article every two weeks, but you’re encouraged to write as much as you can as it can. It will help the website grow exponentially if we are able to work with mostly daily content.

Articles must be a minimum of 100 words for news stories, 300 words for opinions or 500 words for reviews.

The website is brand-new, so there are no promises of any sort of ability to enter events, but you can certainly try.